Rev. Linda Easter

Dear St. Timothy Folk,

Welcome to the season after Pentecost! Sunday, June 2nd, is the second Sunday after Pentecost,
Many in the church know this season as “the long green season”, which can last as much as six
months, depending on the date of Easter. It is also known as Ordinary Time, not because it is
common, but because the weeks are numbered. The Latin word ordinalis refers to numbers in a
series. We get the word order from its Latin root ordo. Ordinary Time includes the season
following Pentecost and the season of Epiphany following Jesus’ Baptism. The color green,
which symbolizes hope, life, and growth, is used for this season as well as the Season of

From the Lectionary, we will be following the Revised Common Lectionary, Year B, track 2. This
track gives us Old Testament readings connected with the Gospel reading. The New
Testament lessons for the next few months are taken from Paul’s second letter to the church at
Corinth and his letter to the church at Ephesus. The Gospel readings heard during this season
from the Gospel according to Mark teach us about the life and ministry of Jesus and help us to
grow in our faith and ministry through his teaching. There will be a side trip into the
Gospel of John in August.

On June 23 rd  at Coffee Hour, I will offer information about our Triennial General Convention
which begins that day in Louisville.

There will be a First Sunday lunch on June 2nd and some other activities in the coming months.
We have some Outreach activities planned for the summer. See the newsletter for
more information.

If you are traveling, we pray for your safety in your journeys. Catch up with us on Facebook. If
you are staying in the area, join us on Sundays to share in the prayers and hymns as we worship
as the family of God together.

Rev. Linda Baker Pineo

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